Expert solutions for the apparel industry.

'Transforming design into garments.'

Here at Sinosky UK we are a contract manufacturer with a lifetime of experience in the garment industry. Our experience and knowledge in the manufacturing supply sourcing business enables us to manage production and meet client’s expectation to a deadline.

Service & Support

Our UK office bridges the gap to overseas communications and can partners clients through design, manufacturing and the supply chain. Dedicated UK merchandise teams’ simplify the process of approvals and manage critical paths. We understand the importance of linking customers needs with manufacturing capabilities.

Standards & Values

Working with major garment brands and branded retailers we follow strict ethical codes of conduct in our supply. We work with third party inspection agencies to ensure customer standards and audit requirements are met and maintained, with integrity.

Manufacturing Capability & Quality Assurance

China is historically our main source of manufacturing. In our head office in Hangzhou our quality assurance teams have full visibility on production, offering hands on manufacturing advice and continuous updates. We also have production teams and offer supply solution in Bangladesh, Cambodia and Myanmar.

Research & Development

Our team are passionate about the garment industry and have a proactive approach to design and development. Regular visits to global fabric and fashion exhibitions help us to keep pace with changing technical developments, manufacturing techniques and advancements.

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